Acenet 5.1(LV)

ACEN Multimedia Language Lab Software
A Language lab issentially consists of a facility for live interaction among students and the teacher. This necessitates a audio/video communication system with a control facilty. Modern day language labs use a desktop computer for every student and one for the teacher. All the computers are usually connected in a LAN. The audio/video communication can be achieved through the LAN itself provided the LAN is able to provide a satisfactory result. Alternatively, audio/video communication can be achieved through a dedicated electrical network that is independant of the LAN.

ACEN language labs are available in two types:

1. LAN based lab that uses the LAN network for routing audio/video signals - Acenet 5.1(LV) and
2. Audio/Video networked system in which a special Audio/video network is used to route the signals- Acenet 5.1(SE).

Acenet 5.1 (LV) is an economical version of A/V Networked system providing all the features of Acenet 5.1(SE). As stated, it works on user supplied computers and LAN. It uses the LAN for both- system commands and audio/video signals. It is a near full version of the same learning environment as the and Acenet 5.1(SE) and can be upgraded to Acenet 5.1(SE) anytime.

Acenet 5.1(LV) can be used for up to 30 students. It needs to be installed on computers connected in a LAN with Windows XP (SP2) operating system. Acenet 5.1(LV) software is delivered on one CD and works only in presence of a dongal that must be connected to a USB port on the teacherís computer.

Installation: Acenet 5.1(LV) is to be installed in 2 parts.

1.The teacher part on the teacher's computer
2.The student part on all computers for students
3. Dotnet framework is required to be installed on all computers.

A good quality sound card similar to Sound Blaster (AC 97) is required for optimum performance on all the computers. A good quality headset is required for every student and the teacher.

Adequate instructions are provided with the product for installation. The installation needs to be done by a network technician familiar with multimedia applications on Windows XP-2.


It can be obviously seen that a Language Lab can be put to use only when adequate course material as available in the required format. If not, in all ACEN language labs the teacher has a facility to create the required material of his own depending on the students' requirement.

ACEN courseware cames very handy for the students of 10+ level with content material graded for both lower and higher level students. It takes into account the nees of undergrad students who are termed as 'job seekers'. The courseware aims at developing the students' 'communication skills' alongwith 'linguistic communication skills' in English.

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