ACEN Zonal Broadcasting and Talk-Back System (SBC400 FATB)
(for zonal announcements, talk-back and emergency announcements)

For installation help CLICK HERE (pdf)

This is a zonal broadcasting system with a 'push to talk' switch (PTT) at the zone speaker. This way, the communication between the zone and the operator can be initiated by either.
The console is offered in multiples of 40 zone capacity. One terminal box is used for 20 zones. External power amplifiers are required. A common amplifier can drive all speakers of all terminal boxes though a separate amplifier can be used for every terminal box.



• Operator can make announcement to required zone/s.
• Preformed groups are available.
• Facility for “All Call” is available.
• Announcements from Emergency announcement system (like fire alarm system) have a priority.


• There is a facility to talkback from the zone speaker by pressing a momentary push button. This will sound a Chime at the console and whatever is spoken in the zone speaker will be heard in the monitor loudspeaker of the console.
, • Operator can toggle the status of console between ‘Receive’ and ‘Send’.
• Talk back, simultaneously from 2 / 3 stations, is possible.
• Announcements from Emergency announcement system (like fire alarm system) have a priority. In this condition talkback is inactive.

3. EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENTS: First priority (Optional Module)

• When emergency call is initiated proper zone is selected and announcement send to that zone.
• When emergency announcement is ON, TALK BACK does not work.
• When the emergency announcement is Over, STOP (Reset) signal is needed from the emergency alarm system.
• A ‘Reset’ connection is also available on console.
• Reset is required after every announcement.
• Reset is to receiving condition.

4. Optional- Message Recorder:

• Pre-recorded message record/playback module- upto 4 different messages (more if required).
• Announcement timer providing a set of 64 events that can be programmed individually for desired message playback depending on weekdays.


      Console Back Panel

Main console

Terminal Box

      Terminal Box Back Panel

Terminal Box for 20 zones.