ACEN ‘auditext’ virtual recorder

This 'auditext' virtual recorder software is designed for the students of foreign languages. The principle 'listen, repeat and assess for yourself' is used. The additional feature is the 'text tracks' in parallel to the voice tracks. This innovative contribution to the language teaching is an 'original' contribution from ACEN.

The ‘teacher’s options are password protected.

Voice Tracks:
There are two voice tracks of which one is reserved for the teacher and the other is accessible by the student. The teacher records a lesson on the voice Ch1.The student listens to Ch1 and repeats as directed. This gets recorded on Ch2. The files are saved as audio files. The student can re-record Ch2 any number of times without affecting the teacher’s recording.

Text Tracks:
There are two text tracks. The teacher can enter text relevant to his voice on Text track 1. As the student listens to the voice Ch1, he can watch the text and can co-relate it to the sound. This has a particular relevance to scripts like Japanese, Chinese etc. The second track can carry the interpreted text or pronunciation in another familiar or native script. Alternatively the student can use the text track 2 for transcription exercises.

Time scale:
The audio tracks are mapped to a time scale above Ch1. This is marked in seconds. Each row is of 10 seconds duration. After 30 seconds, the next frame appears. The ‘CURSOR’ over the tracks shows the 'instant' being played.

The controls are at the bottom. These are: enable voice Ch1/Ch2; LOOP PLAY; SET CUE/BOOKMARKS; the progression controls; SAVE TEXT and VOLUME CONTROL (both voice tracks).

Edit Audio Tracks facility: Insert Record; Overwrite record
Edit Text Tracks facility: Allows editing the desired text track; the script selection is independant for both text tracks.

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