Acenet 5.1(SE)- Audio Video Networked systems(Discontinued)

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Audio communication facilities
Like other labs the Acenet 5.1 provides most versatile extremely user friendly audio communication facilities for student-teacher interaction like intercom, program distribution, multiple grouping for group discussion and multiple pairing for conversation practice with a facility for the teacher to probe and record the discussions as well as 'calls' for ‘help’ from students. All this takes place through audio hub AH 05 a technological marvel.

Why audio network when there is a LAN?
It is well known that LAN causes sound transmission delay of about 350 to 500 milliseconds with just about 15 computers that too with the lowest acceptable quality. Delay increases with more computers and higher quality.The Audio hub and network avoids delay making all communication realtime.

‘auditext’ Sound Recorder
Acenet 5.1(SE) uses a virtual recorder -'auditext' for sound recording. Pre-recorded audio files can be imported into ‘auditext’. The teacher can also prepare his own lessons very conveniently.

‘auditext' provides seperate audio tracks for teacher and student. Plus, there are two text tracks. The text tracks are very useful for co-relating the scripts and sound, especially for languages like Japanese, Chinese, Arabic etc. Use one track for ‘foreign script’ while the second for ‘familiar script’ or instructions or even transcription. A loop play facility is provided for analysis or comprehension.

Video programs can be shown to students on a projector for common viewing. Students receive the audio in their headsets. The teacher can insert his voice for comments. visit Acenet 5.1(SE)VX

Dialogues Through WordSound
The ‘WordSound’ facility is a special feature for loud reading in paired mode and recording for assessing/improving pronunciation in dialogues.

Body language
The ‘Expressions’ option helps student study expressions of a model and compare his own expressions and body language.

An optional facility includes a question bank and interactive question paper for objective tests.

Remote control
The remote monitoring of students’ screens provides a feedback to teacher about the student’s activity. The teacher can operate the selected student’s keyboard/mouse remotely to assist the student. There is a facility for 'Messaging' from teacher to students and student to student (teacher controlled).

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Log-in screen

Monitor students/Remote control


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