The Multilingual ACEN ‘auditext’ Virtual Recorder

This 'auditext' virtual recorder is designed for the students of foreign languages for the development of listening and speaking skills.


You can start the recorder as a ‘teacher’ by using the password at the beginning. If you bypass the password, you can start the recorder as a student. Some features reserved for the teacher will not work if you start the recorder as a student.

The default password is given in this package. This password can be changed by the teacher.


The principle used in this voice trainer recorder is the famous - listen, repeat and assess for yourself- principle. One additional feature- compared to the conventional Tape based predecessor- is the text tracks in parallel to the voice track.


Voice tracks: There are two voice tracks of which one is reserved for the teacher and the other is accessible by the student. The teacher records a lesson on the voice Ch1.

The student listens to Ch1 and repeats as directed. This will get recorded on Ch2. The files are saved as audio files. The student can re- record Ch2 any number of times till he is satisfied with his performance. This will not affect the recording on the Ch1 i.e. the teacher’s recording.


Text tracks; There are two text tracks. The teacher can enter the text relevant to his voice track on the text track 1. As the student listens to the voice Ch1, he can watch the text on track 1 and can co- relate the text and the sound as he responds. This has a particular relevance in the scripts like Japanese, Chinese etc. The second track can carry the interpreted text or pronunciation in another familiar or native script. Alternatively the student can use the text track 2 if he is asked to listen to teacher’s voice on Ch1 and interpret the same (transcribe). This facilitates listening comprehension testing. On both the text tracks, required script can be chosen.

Teacher can enter or edit text only in playback mode of a voice track. This applies to student n the same way.


The screen shows:


1)     3 bands of the tracks. These are mapped to a time scale above (voice) Ch1. This is marked in seconds. Each row is of 10 seconds duration. Thus each frame is of 30 seconds. After 30 second next frame appears automatically.


2)     The ‘CURSOR’ over the tracks that shows the instant that is being played or recorded.


3)     Controls: The controls are shown at the bottom. There are:

enable voice Ch1, enable voice Ch2,  LOOP PLAY OPTION, SET CUE or SET BOOKMARKS, 

followed by the progression control switches namely




Beyond these progression controls are the SAVE TEXT and VOLUME CONTROL. This volume control is common to both the voice tracks.


4)     The MENU Bar:


Lesson: This has following options


·        Open on Ch1- to open a previously recorded lesson on Ch1

·        New- to record a new lesson- for teacher only.

·        Student review – a non-editable mode; for the teacher to review the student’s performance.

·        Record response- for the student to listen to the teacher’s voice and recording his own voice on Ch2.

·        Set bookmarks- allows entering bookmarks with the mouse. Enter the marks on the time scale.

·        Enable loop play.

·        Exit


Edit Audio Tracks

·        Insert Record- allows the recording anywhere in the previously recorded track for additions at the desired location.

·        Overwrite record- allows the recording anywhere in the previously recorded track for corrections at the desired location.


Edit Text Tracks


·        Text 1- allows the text track 1 to be edited.

·        Text 2- allows the text track 2 to be edited.




·        Set continuous play- allows the lesson to be repeatedly played from beginning to the end.

·        Disable Teacher track- Mutes voice Ch1.

·        Disable Student tack-Mutes the voice Ch2.

·        Set password- allows the teacher to change his password.

·        Select script- allows selection of scripts to the text tracks.

After selecting the track a dialogue appears- ‘Select Script/keyboard interpreter program’.

This has further 2 options –Text track 1, Text 2.

In the selection box, the Windows Operating system provided scripts will appear. Name of the selected script will appear next to Text no. Click OK to confirm.

Select desired Keyboard interpreted by activating ‘Choose’ button. Enter the path of the installed Keyboard program. Not all the keyboard interpreters may be supported by auditext 1.2

 If you choose default- ENGLISH Script will be applicable.

                Important: After setup of the recorder, it is necessary to set the default scripts from "Windows". .


Go to

·        Frame- allows a quick selection of the frame to be selected. Each frame is for 30 seconds. The frame no. is displayed on the top right.

·        Location- selects the ‘Seconds’ marking to start.

·        Start- allows to go to the start of the lesson.




·        Text 1- enables to view the text track 1

·        Text 2- enables to view the text track 2

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