Language teaching using a language lab
                            - Article by Sarang Lonkar

Why you need a language lab...

Present day language teaching involves, besides vocabulary, syntax and grammar- phonetics and communication skills. The task before the teacher is to motivate the student to speak and improve his oral/aural abilities. The student also needs facility to assess his own performance. Interactive courseware is invaluable in this process. ACEN Language Labs & courseware provide all this and much more!

Product Profile
All systems work on Windows XP (SP2)

Choose your technology-

Audio Networked System Acenet 5.1(SE):
This system uses a audio hub and audio network connecting all the students' computers connected in a LAN- the computers and the LAN being user supplied. The software Acenet 5.1(SE) controls the interaction between teacher and students. The proprietary auditext virtual recorder provides sound recording facility with 'Text' support in desired script.

A/V Networked System Acenet 5.1(SE)VX:
In addition to the audio network, this version uses a VGA network and associated hardware for real-time broadcast of video from the teacher's computer to all the students' monitors.


Multimedia Language Lab Software Acenet 5.1(LV)

This software routes all the audio and video signals and the commands through the LAN making it the most economical system.

All the above systems provide basic audio video interaction between the teacher and students and among students. The main functions are intercom (one way and both ways); group discussion; paired conversation; listen, practice, record and self assess audio facility; video broadcast etc.

ACEN Interactive Course in Phonetics and Spoken English, Edition 2013

This is an audio-video-interactive courseware. The contributors are highly experienced professors of English from various universities and colleges, and writers. The course modules are: Phonetics; Grammar; Vocabulary & Communication skills. The courseware is a self study material but also provides a lot of scope for a lively classroom activity. It can be used with any type of ACEN Language Lab.

ACEN Professional Headsets
High quality, durable Dynamic headphones and electret close speaking noise canceling microphone. It uses a detachable/replaceable cord for easy maintenance.